Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is the big day, Steff's open house, I hope we don't run out of food! The weather is perfect! When this is all over I can get back to beading, haven't done much in the last couple of weeks, I miss it. Am looking forward to making some fun new pieces. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Here is a picture of my daughter with her little brother on graduation day, we are so proud!

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    I am a mom of 2 who loves to bead. I think I probably like to shop for beads more than anything. I now have so much that I have set up a shop on etsy of pieces that I have made. Beading is the only way I actually sit stil. I even have my 4 year old beading, he loves it. He has actually come up with very creative designs. I will have to post some.